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bluOCEAN is a management development and wholesale distribution company focused on carrying the finest rendition fragrances in the world. We will teach people with no experience how to promote our products, and if interested, how to manage their own operation. bluOCEAN takes pride in offering quality products at wholesale prices to anyone at any quantity. bluOCEAN has a no-experience-necessary philosophy. We believe that if you are willing to work hard and be dedicated then we can help you develop the skills needed to join our team. A person's background or education level should not be the only determining factors in their success.
bluOCEAN is focused on creating the right culture. We want people that are fun and enthusiastic, but take work seriously and are looking for an opportunity. Our goal is to create a safe, clean and motivated environment for our people to grow and prosper. After 25 years in New Jersey we have opened a new location in Florida and we are excited to expand throughout the state and find the right people.




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The Real Cost of Perfume

The court system has repeatedly ruled that any scents that are "functional," such as the smell of perfume, cannot be trademarked.* This ruling is what allows bluOCEAN to proudly carry the finest rendition fragrances in the world.

Quality ingredients are what make our scents second to none. By eliminating much of the retail overhead, manufacturing, and marketing costs we are able to provide designer fragrance renditions at a fraction of the price.

Are you ready to smell like a million for a lot less?

*Morales, X. Can I Trademark an Odor or Smell? Retrieved from HERE


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