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A Word from Our CEO – DONNY

A Word from Our CEO – DONNY

I want to reach out with a statement so that there is no uncertainty about our values as an organization:

We at bluOCEAN proudly and unequivocally stand against racism, systemic injustice, and police brutality. As a company and as individuals we are committed to helping black and all minority owners achieve success. bluOCEAN was founded on the idea of creating an above-average opportunity for anyone who was willing to work hard to achieve it.

We are proud of our 26-year track record of helping create successful minority-owned business owners and leaders. And yet, it has obviously not been enough. Sadly, recent events have shown how far there is to go. So beyond just making a statement today, we are also recommitting ourselves that we will get better and show results to that end. We will hold ourselves accountable to the values that we profess to have. That is the only way for us to credibly talk about affecting change.

Lastly, I would encourage people to reach out to us. This company is built on community and we rely on that community for feedback. This topic should be no different. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas for how you’d like to see us improve at [email protected]

Best regards,
Donny Z

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